Old Town Comida

Yesterday we made an unplanned visit to Old Town San Diego. I felt so unprepared without my sombrero. Anyway, we went to Fred's of course since they love dogs and even have a Canine Comida menu. 

Annie couldn't make up her mind whether to have the Moke Burger or the Cannoli's Cutlets. So we ordered both. Yummy! Unfortunately, Daddy would not let me order a Margrrrita.


  1. Rosy that looks like such a fun place! Your sombrero would have fit in purrfectly but I'm sure you had fun anyway. You could use it as an opportunity to shop for another hat or something! :) Sounds like you guys made great menu selections.

  2. It looks like you could always have a fiesta at Fred's. I love that they welcome our doggy friends Your orders sounded yummy Rosy. I'm happy that you and Annie get to go to so many fun places with Mommy and Daddy. xo

  3. Oh wow we will soon be visiting old town San Diego! Can't wait! Looking forward to meeting you as well. I doubt I'll be allowed a Margarita either!


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