Rug shopping

Dear world.
Continuing on the quest for home improvement, this time we went shopping for rugs!. Now that household item is something we can understand since it is very useful for dogs. It is where we can relieve ourselves when our tummies are not feeling well or when we can't make it outside in time and have an accident. As a design consultant, I helped pick rugs that were fab yet wouldn't show stains.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Rosy, you are hilarious. I know exactly what you are saying though, lol. Isn't it fun looking for new things when home improvement projects are underway? You and Annie have to be a big help in the decorating department. XO

  2. Rosy what good thinking! Rugs that don't show stains are so practical. It sure looks like ur family is having a lot of fun remodeling!


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