Dear world,
Yesterday Mommy strolled me to the playground. Annie couldn't come cause she has to rest her sore shoulder. Anyway, the playground had many interesting sniffs and structures. However, I didn't want to play since I just had my hair done. So I posed instead.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. And your hair looks lovely Rosy. I wouldn't want to mess mine up either if it looked that good. The playground equipment in your park is so nice. There is equipment there that I have never seen before. Please tell Annie I'm sorry about her sore shoulder. Hope it gets better soon! Sending you both a big hug. xo

  2. Rosy you sure are the purrfect poser! It sure looks like there is fun stuff to do there. My Mom's grandbabies would like it there. I would like the ground. It looks purrfect for scratching around in. Sorry to hear that Annie hurt her shoulder. I hope she's doing well.

  3. Rosy that is a cool doggie...or rather princess...park! Hugs to you and Annie, and sending good wishes that her shoulder stops hurting.

  4. Annie, your fro fur looks all lovely and fluffy, so don't get all wind-blown running around the playground. Lulu made me chase her around the playground the other day in the snow. I pooped out and waited underneath the slide to 'punce' little Lu as she came around. I got all wet and messy in the snow. Mom had to towel us both off.


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