Cold Rosy

Dear world,
Last week was unusually cold in San Diego. Mommy obviously is not used to cold weather and took me for as stroll without a coat! I started shivering so she wrapped me up in the stroller blanket. Well she learned her lesson the next day. We had a lovely stroll and I was very cozy bundled up in a sweater and my beautiful Rosy coat.! The only thing I could still use are paw gloves, in pink of course!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. You look adorable in your blanket and in your coat, Rosy. If you lived where I live you'd be wearing that coat a lot! It was not even 20 degrees here today! We don't go outside so we are always comfy and cozy and warm.

  2. I agree with your mommy Rosy. It was colder than we have experienced in a long time. I know how your mommy felt when you started to shiver. It makes us sad. We always want our little ones to be comfortable and happy. Annie has a fur coat that must always keep her warm. XO


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