A Springer Saturday !

Dear world,
Last weekend was so exciting cause Winslow and his Mum Cathy came to visit ! First we took him to Swan Lake and had such a nice time. Afterwards he came back to our house and we had pizza! Then, Annie and I tried to get lots of his attention, but I think we ended up annoying him a bit. Winslow ended up going in the pool since that was the one place he knew we wouldnt follow! We need to be more demure next time!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Love these pictures Rosy. Having Winslow visit you and Annie had to be special since I'm sure he's a very special friend. You made me laugh when you said Winslow went into the pool to escape all the attention you and Annie were giving to him. You were being good hostesses! (Maybe wanting just a little of Winslow's attention, hehe).

  2. Having an anipal come visit you seems like such fun Rosy! It sure looks like he had a great time being with you girls! I think it's great you liked him so much! :)


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