Whoopie Cushion

Dear world,
For Halloween I wanted to pick a costume that would make people laugh. So I thought maybe I could be a whoopie cushion. Rosy pointed out that whoopie cushions make people laugh after someone sits on one. But I told her no one has to sit on me. I can make a funny whoopie cushion sound myself!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. If you make the whoopie cushion sounds yourself, I think that would make people laugh, Annie! (hold their noses too, but laugh)! :) It's also an original costume!

  2. where is the Human Rights for Dogs group when you need them? :)
    Annie, that custom and your sorry face makes the thing hilarious.
    That custom is funny any day of the week.

  3. Annie! You are pawsome and awesome sweet angel!! xo

  4. Oh, Annie. Who'd want to sit on sweet you anyway. You've got the right idea!

  5. Annie, you are a clever girl. You're going to get extra treats when trick or treating because you're so original. Besides that, you look cute.

    June (noahzbark)

  6. Oh dear, Annie! Wherever did Mom get that outfit? Maybe she could get you a dreadlocks wig and you could go trick-or-treating as Whoopi Goldberg. What do you think? Love & laughter from all of us!

  7. Very funny Annie!!! I must admit I would have never thought to dress as a whoopee cushion!


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