Bear's Mini-me

Dear world,
I have been going to Bear's beach a lot.  I play fetch with the tennis balls he gave me. I do go in the water a bit, but I don't think I will ever be the great ocean swimmer that Bear was. But I am really trying my best to continue to be his mini-me.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Annie, I think Bear will be so proud of you. Whatever your short legs won't allow you to do is compensated by your personality and cuteness.

  2. Wish we had a nice beach like that, all we have is a stinky river- that's not too fun to play in precious BOL!!


  3. Annie, Bear has to be pleased that you're carrying on his legacy of the love of ocean & tennis balls. You & Rosy are doing so well in continuing to spread smiles. I will admit that while having a smile on my face, when I saw these pictures, I did have a tear in my eye. I'm so happy you continued sharing your joy of life.

    June (noahzbark)

  4. Hi Annie, you are doing a great, great job sweet angel.

  5. Oh, Annie. I know Bear is so happy you love the ball and the ocean and you can't help but bring happiness to your Mom and Rosy.

  6. I think you did great, Annie! I'm sure Bear is smiling down watching you! You are just so cute.

  7. We love you more ever day, little lady! That's a beautiful photo of you in the water. You're very brave. We don't like water at all...but, of course we're cats, so that's OK. <3 >^..^<

    1. Oops. "...every" day. It's late and OurTypist is sleepy!

  8. I'll bet Bear is very proud of your efforts, and he's looking down at you and has the biggest Bear smile on his face!!

  9. Dear, Sweet Annie,

    Your such a lovely girl, and it's sweet that you're trying to carry on Bear's legacy of swimming in the ocean. You seem to be doing a great job of it, too.

    Just remember, girl, that you're you. We all love and miss Bear, and we love you (and Rosy!), too, whether or not you swim in the ocean:-))

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier princess

  10. Hi Annie You look like you are having a good time. The beach is fun ! Lots of good smells for our spaniel noses and nice cool water to walk in. I am a little too creaky to swim over the waves. But I like to swim in the bay sometimes. Isn't low tide the bestest !
    You are pawsome girl !
    Love Winslow

  11. I bet you Bear is at the beach with you guys all the time....I think seeing you there makes him happy too. I bet he is teaching Annie to swim too....


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