Frame Store

Dear world,
The other day I went to the frame store with Mommy. She asked me to come because I have such great taste in home decor.  We were framing these beautiful portraits that were a gift from our friend June in honor of Bear. I wanted mine and Annie's portrait to be framed in pink. (Pink is the new black you know).  But we ended up going neutral since we needed them to match and Bear would have been upset if his frame was pink. I cant wait to see them hanging in our house.
BearHUGs Forever,

PS. Aren't the portraits fab? They were done by Samantha Dillinger


  1. What a great remembrance of Bear, Rosy. I'm glad you didn't make Bear's frame pink. He'd be happier with the neutral color. What a great gift from your friend!

    PS You could be Rosy the Interior Design Consultant!

    1. Yes, I could be an interior Design Consultant. I think I should make RosyRue a lifestyle brand! BearHUG & RosyPoodleKisses !

  2. What a special blog honoring our dear Bear. Loved seeing you as a consultant for framing these portraits & the process for getting them framed. I know it helped Mom a lot. Thank you SO much for sharing this picture with us; your grateful followers.

    June (noahzbark)

  3. they are beautiful. I hope the human is giving you treats for your consultation services.

  4. Those are going to be so nice! We know they'll be hanging in a special place of honor. If you become a consultant, maybe Samantha would design you a logo with two scroll-y Rs. And, of course, they'd be pink!

  5. Pink is definitely the new black but I'm glad you made a consession for bear's behalf. Those pictures are adorable!!!

  6. What wonderful portraits!! How lucky you are to have such a nice friend!


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