Shopping bags

Dear world, 
The other day Mommy came home with lots of shopping bags. She said she had a bunch of things for us. I sniffed through all the bags and there were no treats! Rosy barked at me "Aren't the outfits just yummy?" No. Clothes are not yummy. Doesn't she realize she is a dog?
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Rosy doesn't realize she's a dog Annie, she has you to be her dog. She's a princess, and princesses love clothes and tiaras and pink and stuff. It looks like there are some cute pictures to come! :)

  2. Annie looks gorgeous in today's photo

  3. Annie, you should wear those new clothes only if you get treats in exchange. So in a sense, those clothes 'represent' food. good luck.

  4. Annie, you & Rosy are perfect blog sisters - exact opposites. Makes for many interesting interactions. I can understand why your mind is on food. DIET - ugh! Treats fill your tummy, clothes don't. Looks like some darling clothes in those bags tho.

  5. OurGirl sympathizes with you Annie! She gets that same expression about clothes if there's no food involved. All those pretty colors have lots of potential and we bet there'll be some tiny treats for you, so try not to worry. We love you both!

  6. Don't worry Annie! I feel the same way. I love getting treats. Hmmm....well, I must admit I love fancy collars! xo


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