No kitties

Dear world,
Bear was always wishing we could have a kitty.  I thought it would be nice too, another girl to play dress up with.  But that idea is out of the question.  Annie met a kitty yesterday on her walk. Let’s just say, Annie doesn't distinguish between kitties and bunnies. Ugh. She is just such a dog.


  1. oh no! Annie, what did you do? I love seeing pictures of dogs and cats together. Apparently is not going to happen in your case.

    1. I know, it would have been so nice. But no moving creatures allowed other than dogs! BearHUG and RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. Oh No, Annie, I'm a cat! We can all get along. I'm happy you like cats, Rosy! :) Annie, you need to stop being such a dog!

  3. She likes to play chase - not be chased - just chase. Yes, she is a quintessential dog. BearHUG & RosyPoodleKisses!

  4. Well, that's just the way it goes sometimes! Lots of dogs have hunting instincts, especially sporting dogs like spaniels & retrievers. Most of us grew up with dogs, so we like them and just lay down & refuse to run away.

    OurPeople might get another dog sometime...they really miss having one or two or four!! Packs of dogs are best! They say they would get an old dog who likes cats or else a puppy so we could intimidate it before it got big.

  5. We have 2 cats in our home, and my Nellie is always trying to start some mischief with them. Nellie doesn't give them a break!

  6. It's ok Annie, my retired racing greyhound Tulip doesn't like cats either! My first greyhound, Bonnie, thought she hit the bunny MOTHERLOAD once on a walk when she saw a little old lady with big floofy white hair :x


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