Poodle curls

Dear world,
After my bath, Rosy noticed that my fur was curly. So now she is insisting that I must be part poodle. So she asked Mom to dry me with a diffuser so that my fur stays curly and I will look more like her. But I don't like blow dryers and I don't want to be a poodle. I like being a Cocker Spaniel. Thank dogness Mom is supporting me on this one.
BearHUGs forever,


  1. Annie! did mom put you on the drier for clothes? you look more like those fluffy carpets :)

  2. Annie it's good you have Mom on your side. You look adorable curly or not, though!

  3. Annie, you and Rosy are both fashionistas in your own special ways! xo

  4. Dear Annie,

    Well, of course you're not a poodle. You sure are pretty with your hair curly, though. Hugs to both of you girls:-)) Rosy, you're just fabulous as always!

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier princess

  5. Annie, you need to tell Rosy that looking like a Cocker Spaniel is best for you. That way people will know you're her dog and not a Princess like she is. We can tell she and Mom are taking good care of you. And you both look soft and curly and girly.


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