Celebrating Bear

Dear world,
Today would have been our brother Bear's 11th birthday. So in his honor, we put on Bear ears and had pizza. But without Bear, pizza just isn't the same. We miss Bear so much. We hope he is having a great time swimming in heaven's ocean today and celebrating with Fuzz, Oliver and all his friends eating lots of angel pizza.
BearHUGs Forever,
Rosy and Annie

P.S. Today is the final post on Bear's blog. A video celebrating his life. Hope it makes you smile. www.lovealwaysbear.com


  1. Video did make me smile...but thru my tears. All da bestest OTRB, our sweet sweet Bear. XOXOXO

  2. Nice of you 2 of remembering Bear with a pizza. You can't talk about Bear without thinking pizza (or tennis balls). You look extra adorable with your bear's ears.

  3. You girls are just adorable. What a great way to remember your sweet big brother, Bear. His video made me laugh and cry at the same time:-))

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier Princess

  4. Aww Rosy and Annie, we know how much you miss Bear. We all miss him too and we just read what he wrote every day. He didn't get to be on Earth too long, but he sure brought lots and lots of love, happiness and smiles to everybody he encountered! I'm sure heaven is having a HUGE pizza party in his honor.

  5. That video was the sweetest thing! He was always smiling, and his ball was in nearly every picture! He sure did dress up a LOT! Made me wonder where your mom got all the outfits! He was such a good doggie. Well all always miss him.

    Your bear ears tribute is adorable. The first pic of Annie laying down in them is the cutest! He would have loved this

  6. Oh Little Sweethearts! You look so glum, even eating the pizza. It's a bittersweet day, we know! But we think Bear still wants you to be happy, enjoy life and remember him with smiles. Whenever we and OurPeople think of the two of you and Mom & Dad & Sydne & Bunnybell & Stephen missing him so much, we feel glum, too. But then everyone's heart fills with joy and smiles from knowing what a wonderful happy boy he was & how much he loved and was loved. Anipals at Rainbow Bridge are enjoying his stories now and one day we'll all be together again.

    Love and gentle purring from all of us to all of you...

  7. We sure miss Bear too...he brought so much joy to our lives. You two look so good in those ears and I bet there's more to come--a whole closet full! Enjoy the pizza, Rosy and Annie.

  8. That was thoughtful of you girls to wear your Bear ears, all weekend, to honor & celebrate Bear's birthday. As you said, eating pizza without Bear wasn't the same. He was the pizza lover & I'm sure his excitement & enthusiasm when the pizza arrived was missed. He missed being with you I'm sure but he, Fuzz & Oliver celebrated too, while thinking of you.

    June (noahzbark)

  9. You both look so adorable in your bear ears. Thank you for posting this beautiful remembrance of sweet Bear. We all miss him so much but I am so happy you are continuing Bear's blogging tradition with your new blog. I will follow you faithfully, just as I did Bear!!


  10. I know we all miss Bear, but you and your family miss him most of all. I think of him every time my dog plays with her tennis ball. He was such a gorgeous boy and such a character. I loved seeing him dressed up in different costumes. He loved his life. I shed a tear when I see his photo, or read about him. I has a special place in my heart, and will always,

    1. I meant..."he has a special place in my heart, and will always."

  11. My mom did a transport the other day, and on it was a Golden Ret. who was around 9 years old. When mom saw her she immediately thought of my pal Bear. She got all choked up and hugged the girl doggie, and instead of crying, she noticed she felt better. As she looked into Daisy's eyes she realized that Bear was very much alive. Alive in Daisy and Rosy, and Annie, and all the other dogs looking for homes. Bears legacy became very clear to my mom, and the saddness has left her now. All homeless pets are Bears waiting for adoption. Everyone loved Bear, but at one time, no one loved Bear and he became a dog looking for a home. Bear was saved because someone took the time to rescue him, not go to a breeder and buy him, but rescue him. I think Bear knows a lot of other dogs right now who need families to find them and love them. I think that is what Bear does now with his time...visits homeless dogs and brings his love light to them. Mom thought of that as she hugged Daisy...


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