Winslow's visit

Dear world,
Over the weekend, our friend Winslow and his Mom Cathy came to visit. We went to the lake and had a nice time taking a prance.  When we got back to the house Cathy gave us each a fab gift of homemade treats. I suggested we share with Winslow, but Annie barked you snooze you lose and she went off to eat hers while Winslow was napping.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Did Annie really do that Rosy? Annie must have thought Winslow probably gets special homemade treats from his mom often so she'll eat ALL of her gift, hehe.

  2. How fun you guys got to have company and Mom did too! I guess Annie felt like it was her gift so she was eating it! Adorable bags Winslow's Mom made for you guys. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Oh I just love seeing you guys together when Winslow comes for a visit....he looks very good for his age. That was so nice of his mom to bring you good treats Rosy and Annie. Is Winslow from London? I think he should be with a name like Winslow. Woofs to you all, Bosco.


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