Happy Easter !

Dear world,
Since Annie still doesn't feel her best, I thought I would assist her with Easter activities. I felt that she could forgo the Easter outfit, although she didn't mind wearing her bunny ears while she napped. So I collected eggs for her and filled her basket while I collected all the pink eggs for myself. When she wakes up from her nap and sees her treats, I bet that will help make her feel better!
Hope everyone has a happy Easter!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Aww Rosy Annie looks adorable with her bunny ears! She looks like she's having a comfy rest too! So sweet of you to collect her eggs so she has her treats right by her when she wakes up. You are being a good dog owner! Love your fab springy easter outfit! Great choice of photo shoot locations too with the plants (I assume the ones you guys picked out) in the background! Happy Easter to everybody! xoxo

  2. You are such a good Big Sis, Rosy. Always cheerful and upbeat; it's just what sweet Annie needs. We were so sorry to hear about Annie's struggle, but are glad she came through the surgery and is now home again, resting comfortably and basking in all the love surrounding her.

  3. What fun it has to be living at your house Rosie. Love how you celebrate and decorate for so many holidays. Your Easter buckets and the bunny cage Easter basket are very cute. It's sweet that you're making sure Annie doesn't miss out. It has to perk her up, although she seems to be doing very well. That makes us happy! xo

  4. Rosy, it must cheer Annie up just to be around you and your family. I hope every day she feels better and stronger. Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter Rosy....my mom hides dog treats in the eggs for us to find...we can't find them... so she gets them for us and shows us where they are, then opens them and gives us the treat. Rosy, little does she know but we have this planned so we don't have to work so hard to find them. Lulu thinks I'm brilliant, all I know is...moms spends a lot of time under the Evergreen trees. Woofs of love, Bosco and Lulu.


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