#AtoZChallenge : H is for ...

Dear world,
Continuing on with my blog challenge, H brings me to another important accessory… H is for Hats ! Unlike other fashionistas, I can't collect shoes since they don't come in my size. So with so many holidays and occasions, a fab hat collection is a must! I am very excited about my new Easter bonnet. Annie will get my Easter hat paw me down.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. WoW Rosy what a fab hat collection! My sisfur would love them! She has kinda white furs like Annie, with some grey on her tail, ears, pawtips and face (she's a himalayan Mom says). Great plume of feathers!

  2. how adorable.

    found you via the #AtoZChallenge

  3. Now that's what I'd call a very impressive hat collection, Rosy. I have never been "into" hats that much, but after seeing how lovely you & Annie look in your pretty hats, my style tastes may change, hehe. xo

  4. Rosy, I can only say one thing: you have a wonderful mom. I can't imagine any other mom having so many hats for their 'kids'. This is a very fun picture.

  5. I've never been "into" hats much but after seeing how lovely you & Annie look in your hats, I may change my mind! You both look so pretty. Each of you have the perfect hat for "your" style. xo June(noahzbark)

  6. Wow! What a fabulous hat collection. My human mommy loves hats. She has two really special ones from New Orleans and likes to wear them for fancy occasions, or just on ordinary days. I am not so thrilled about hats, but you may just see me in one later in the A to Z Challenge.

  7. Wow!!! So many beautiful hats with so many wonderful colors! I wish I had a had, but I think I'd tear it up, especially if it had feathers! You gals look so lovely in your hats!!! xoxo Love ya!!! Nellie


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