#AtoZ Challenge : Z is for …

Dear world,
We come to the end of my blog challenge, hence the letter Z. Since I love flowers, I thought of Zinnias. Annie really wanted Z to be Zebra. I tried reasoning with her that Zebra would be more expected, and I liked to be unique. Too bad we aren't allowed in the Zoo, that would have been a perfect compromise.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. I think both are great Z words, Rosy! It's nice of you to show a picture of the word Annie wanted as well. I think zoo is a great word, and I will never understand why we animals are not allowed to see animals! Humans!

  2. Rosy, you & Annie brought us all a very pretty picture with your "Z" choices. What's better than flowers AND animals. Your Zinnia is so pretty Rosy. Of course, it's a pretty PINK. Annie, I love your cute zebra. Have you seen the new breed of zebra/donkey? I forget what it's called but it looks like a donkey with zebra legs. I like your zebra the best. xo

  3. Zinnias are a great idea Rosy!!! We love flowers too!!! Of course, Zebra is a great idea too! I think you both had a very good idea for a Z word!!! Love ya!!! Nellie xoxo

  4. Rosy, thank you for sharing your world through the A to Z Challenge. You and Annie have so much patience and poise sitting for each photo....and you're both so adorable! Now that you've taught us the most interesting alphabet lessons, you deserve to catch some zzzzs!

  5. Rosy, the San Diego Zoo is truly a great place to visit. But believe me, Del Mar dog beach is better for you and Annie. You both should get a special treat for getting to the finish line with such panache and patience (for all those great poses of yours). Keep them coming, because Pasha and Lilliput will be back to visit for sure (unless you growl at cats).

  6. Hello z girls I love zebra too

  7. Mom just finished reading all the blogs from A to Z.....WHEW !!
    Boy Rosy you guys had some super swell challenges....although, I did want to point out that B is for Bosco Challenge would have been nice. I am a dapper, handsome mandog, and very photogenic...give Annie a kiss for me.
    Loverboy, Bosco


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