A to Z Challenge : Y is for …

Dear world,
Continuing with my blog challenge, we come to the letter Y. Annie suggested a Yak. I wasn't that familiar with the animal, so I looked it up. Very interesting creature who lives somewhere in the Himalayas. I couldn't imagine why a Yak came to Annie's Spaniel brain. She said she was thinking of the Yawning Yellow Yak from Dr. Seuss.  Oh, my mistake.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. That Yak is a funny looking anipal and really big! My Mom says my sister yaks all the time all over the rug (whatever that is). I think I'd be afraid of that Yak, so I'd like the story one way better. Isn't yellow your dad's favorite color? I remember reading it was somebodys!

    1. He is really funny looking, but I think they are nice. And it is very educational to learn about new things, especially animals! Yes! Yellow is a favorite color, but of my sis Sydne. Dad's is Blue! BearHUG & RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. Thank goodness for zoos or I would never be able to see a YAK up close and personal. That is the cutest picture!

  3. Rosy, "yak" is the sound you make when instead of a hamburger your mom gives you regular kibble :)

  4. You girls took quite a hike to "meet" up with your new friend the Yak. How adventurous you were. So interesting that you Rosy, Annie & Mom, made it up the Himalayan mountains to take your picture. Isn't photoshop wonderful, hehe. xo

  5. Yakity Yak let's talk back dat a pawsome advenshur U wuz on Rosy

  6. LOL! What a coincidence Rosy.....my mom thought of Yak too. There aren't too many Y words to think about I guess! Love ya!!! Nellie xoxo


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