Pi Day

Dear word,
Annie barked since it is Pi Day we needed to get a pizza.. I explained to her it is not Pie Day as in Pizza, it is Pi Day as in Mathematics. She pointed out that our local restaurant is called Urban Pi , so we can celebrate with them. Well, I guess she has a point. And as Bear's sister, I would never refuse pizza.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Of course Bear would be celebrating with Pizza today. I'm sure they are having quite the party OTRB! Annie looks like she can't wait. :)

  2. Love you girls. Rosy, whenever there's a picture with food, you're keeping an eye on Annie, while Annie is doing everything in her power to keep from "diving in". Too cute. Happy Pi Day.

  3. Rosy, maybe there should be a pie day (as in pizza) since we all love pizza so much. I think it would make Bear proud since he was the connoisseur of pizza! Lubs ya, Nellie xoxo


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