Mardi Gras

Dear world,
Annie asked me what Fat Tuesday is. So I told her that today was  a fabulous day. First, I prefer to call  today Mardi Gras which is what it is called in French..  I barked all about the wonderful traditions of Mardi Gras, especially the fab attire and beads. Annie was especially interested in the King Cake. So I told her she can have cake, but I want the piece with the baby inside because I should be Queen of the party!
Bon Mardi Gras!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. You guys look great in your Mardi Gras attire! Of course you would be Queen, Rosy, and I bet Annie is happier just getting to eat cake! :)

  2. Rosy, "How am I suppose to run & play on the beach with this "decoration" on my head?"

    Annie, "Just relax and be beautiful like me!"


  3. I love Mardi Gras!!! I love the colorful beads and the wonderful caps!!! I think Mardi Gras should be everyday!!! Lubs ya!!! Nellie xoxo


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