Dream house

Dear world,
The other day we went visiting. While the humans went inside the big house, Annie and I went exploring the yard. Annie called me over to see a barn that was just her size which was well suited for her. And then I saw it --- a pink and yellow princess house in just my mansion size.  So now it is my official dream house.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. WoW Rosy you found the purrfect house! Is ur Mom gonna buy it for u? Or will ur Mom's friends let you borrow it?

  2. OMC! If you could take those home with you, you'd be the luckiest dogs EVER. You could plant some miniature pink roses in the window boxes. Then it would be perfect! And Annie's barn would be big enough for keeping a miniature donkey. We know someone who's giving one away. Maybe she could adopt it for a pet!?

    We'll be sending luck purrs for both of you to get the houses of your dreams.

  3. Rosy, your dream house is a perfect Princess "Palace" & Annie's barn could be made into her dream house. Lots of people convert barns into homes.The miniature donkey would be perfect! Annie wouldn't mind sharing I'll bet.

  4. Wonderful!!! Your dream house is perfect for you! Annie's barn is perfect for her!!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if you woke up one morning and found them both in your yard? xoxo


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