Waffle Day

Today is International Waffle Day ! When I saw the Eggo box, I immediately barked out for Teddy.
 Teddy came over when he smelled the waffles toasting. We watched them pop up.
 Then, I showed Teddy that now it is time to take the Eggo waffles out of the toaster
 Gosh, Teddy is a quick learner !
Then when Mom tried to grab the waffle from Teddy so she could take a pic, he pulled away and barked "L'eggo My Eggo" !
Happy Waffle Day ! 


  1. Wow looks like you guys found the eggos yummy! How great you figured out how to get the out of the toaster. My niece and nephew love them! Happy national Waffle Day! xoxo

  2. Your toaster toasts waffles? Interesting.. Ours just toasts toast and bagels and, on occasion, acts as a transporting device. MOUSES!


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