Presidents Day

Today is President's Day. Mom thought it may interest us to read about all the First dogs and their Presidents.  I already read that book last year.  So it was Teddy's turn.
Teddy only became interested when he got to play with the Bo Obama toy.  (Yes, Bo is missing an eye. Teddy ate it.)
Happy Presidents Day ! 


  1. Poor Bo Obama toy! How's Tweety doing? :) It's great to be learning about President's Day boys! Have a great President's Day! xoxo

  2. Dear Teddy and Titus, I first off want to wish Teddy happy belated bday....and tell him his is looking really TALL these days and filled out. I wish we lived closer because I would love someone to wrestle with. Also I'm glad he got the giant Tweetie Stuffie to play with. We adopted Poni from the shelter last year and he is so much like Titus, he doesn't like to wrestle or tussle with me. I think Titus does a little more than Poni, but Poni is 12 and just likes to follow me around. But Poni does like to rip up all the stuffies we have...he is a toy killer...lol Happy Thursday....Lots of Love, Lulu


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