Ball Choice

I have lots of regular tennis balls , but Mom had given me a medium size ball which has always been my fave. Then I got this giant ball for my Gotcha Day. So Mom said I need to make a choice and give one to Teddy,
I selected the medium to keep because that has always been my fave. Then when Mom threw the regular ball. I wanted that one too. 
But how could I give up the giant ball? It makes such a good nose rest ! 
Which do you think I should give to Teddy?


  1. that giant ball is definitely a ball to "have a ball" with!

    1. Its a fun ball, but I can't pick it up with my mouth, no matter how hard I try! TitusSMOOCHES!

  2. It sure seems that your chin fits purrfectly on that big ball. Maybe you and Teddy could share all the balls? xoxo


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