Swan Lake IV

Dear world,
Our relationship with the swans has really developed. We don't chase them anymore. In fact, Mrs. Swan often follows us. Most of the time, we are not interested in spending our walk time with her. But the other day Annie wanted to take a rest during our walk. So Mrs. Swan came over and took a bath. Maybe she was trying to give Annie a hint about her own hygiene?
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. It's so impressive how far your relationship with the swans has progressed, Rosy! You Annie and the swans have learned to coexist! Have you ever considered running for office? Perhaps you could help bridge the incredible gulf in our government. (I'm sure you could draft an executive order that dictates you are allowed to wear pink and a tiara at all times)!

    1. Your so sweet! I have no interest in government other than being a Royal of course! And as a Princess of my own PrincessDom, I can bask in my tiara and pink collection anytime! BearHUGs & RosyPoodleKisses!


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