Dear world,
Its Superbowl time ! I am rooting for the Denver Broncos again because I just love their colors! Since I want the game to be exciting to watch, I suggested (strongly) that Annie root for the Carolina Panthers. To get her to wear the blue hair I had to bribe her with a new Panther toy. May the best color team win!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Rosy what a great idea! Root for the team colors you like the best. We hadn't decided yet, but since I'm orange I guess that'd be a good way to go. Thanks for the fab idea! (Great outfits. You look all ready to be cheerleaders)!

  2. Annie may not be as "into" the Super Bowl as you are Rosy, so I'll help you root for the orange team. I'm glad you gave her a new panther toy. She'll have fun playing with it during the game. xo

  3. OK, this picture just made me laugh out loud at work....so funny and perfect !! xoxo Bosco


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