Dear world,
It is graduation time at my Princess school. I felt bad that Annie was not graduating, so I gave her a graduation toy. She did not understand why she couldn't graduate and wear a Princess gown. I reminded her that while she excelled in some, she did not pass all her classes including Proper Drinking (without post drool) and Burying Bones (not digging them with your nose). Summer school for Annie.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Don't worry Annie, you are a princess in my book ! Tell Rosy that Princesses have minions to take care of drool etc. !

  2. Aww Poor Annie. It's nice you got her a toy even tho she didn't graduate with her class, Rosy. Maybe next time, Annie.

  3. There's always excitement and parties going on at graduation time and, of course, all the pomp and circumstance at the ceremony, but you'll have your time too Annie. That was very thoughtful of you Rosy, to give Annie that darling graduating bear toy. xo

  4. It's OK Annie! Summer school can be lots of fun. You might get to go on a field trip to a dog biscuit factory! If you do, be sure to bring back samples for Rosy.


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