The other day Annie and I found Jacks in the closet and decided we should play. Since neither of us knew how, Annie looked to me for direction of course.

I thought first we must choose our colors, so I took the pink and gold. But I wasn't sure what to do with the ball. So I picked up the pink one and threw it (with my mouth).

It landed near my pile so I told Annie that I won. How do you play Jacks?


  1. WAY BACK, when I was a young girl, Jacks was a favorite game of mine. We would toss the ball, pick up one Jack, put in opposite hand and continue adding a Jack each time until we could pick up all ten Jacks while catching ball on one bounce. I think you girls found the perfect way to play the game for you. Toss ball and the Jacks it lands nearest wins. BTW, we didn't even have colored Jacks back then. Just the metal color. LOL. xo

  2. I remember jacks that way too Noah! And, no colors, just metal. I think you invented Rosy Jacks, Rosy! :)


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