Heaven has a new Princess

Rosy's 15+ years of age was starting to catch up with her but she never stopped being her spicy Princess self.  When Annie passed in December, there was a sadness about her. She started declining showing different symptoms indicating brain issues. Titus brought a bit of feistiness back in her since she had to bark at him often to remind him who was boss. 
Then last Friday morning she had a terrible and very long seizure that lasted until we got her to the hospital where they stopped it. She stayed in ICU until Saturday afternoon. She was not doing that well, but we hoped the medicine would kick in and she would start to get better. She never did. On Monday afternoon she fell into a tranquil sleep, like how you would expect a dog to look when they were sedated for a procedure. Her breathing was calm and she never truly awoke to awareness. So in the early evening when the doctor came to our house, it was a very peaceful passing with love surrounding her.
We all miss her terribly. That tiny little girl had such a huge presence in our house and in our life. I will be doing some type of a tribute for her on the blog. It may take awhile since little Rosy took a big part of my heart with her. And my heart was still newly broken from Annie's passing.
In the meantime Titus wants to start doing reports to carry on Rosy's legacy. So stay tuned for Titus' first report. He is hoping to have it out soon.

X O,  Rosy's Mom


  1. We are all so sorry to hear of Rosy's passing. I know she'll be a great princess addition to heaven. I'm sure she'll start Princess Classes right away. We will all miss her so much. She must have missed Annie and Bear and Fuzz, and now she'll see them again. We are so happy to hear Titus will be carrying on Rosy (and Bear's) legacy of blogging! Lots of human and pawhugs to everybody. xoxo

  2. This news was such a shock. I'm so sorry for all of you. How this beautiful Princess will be missed. I'm sending my love and want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you all. xo

    1. It was difficult posting my condolences. Had to become "anonymous". June

  3. We had no idea Rosy had seizure issues. We understand so well what you are feeling. So very sorry for your loss. Soft woos and gentle hugs from all of us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber and Mom

  4. I am so very sorry...

  5. Oh my heart is just breaking for you. This is shocking and I am so deeply, deeply sorry. I can't begin to imagine the pain you have to be feeling. Sending prayers of strength, comfort, love and our deepest sympathy xoxo

  6. My heart was so broken over Annie and Rosy, I wanted you to know how much I loved them both and how much I understand how your heart must be heavy over losing them so quickly. Rosy was an amazing beautiful girl and so full of life. You gave her such a precious gift when you found her, but in all reality I think she found you!! I was so happy when she became part of your family and a Premier Blogger in the doggy world. I will miss Rosy and appreciate all the love you put into her blog posts. She was a sweet, happy girl and thank you for sharing her with us. Lisa, AngelBosco and Lulu


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