Jackson Hole, Wyoming : Arrival

Can you believe Mommy went on a trip again without me and Annie? This time she went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming ! So I told Annie that we need to imagine that we went with Mommy. We started in the cute town of Jackson at the Antler Gates.
Then we walked around the Town Square. Annie wanted to take a carriage ride. I told her we needed to check into the hotel. 
Once we got to our room at the Mountain Modern, we both wanted the bed by the window. But I told Annie I of course had first dibs.
Before bed we chatted about all the things we are going to do in Jackson Hole! Can't wait till morning!


  1. Jackson Hole looks like a great place. Are you guys afraid of the big horses? I think I might be. What is Mom thinking going away again so soon after Greece! Hope you guys are having fun with Daddy! xoxo

    1. It does look fab! And I dont know why she didnt take us- its dog and Princess friendly! Next time! RosyPoodleKisses!


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