Dog beach secrets

Dear world,
When we go to dogbeach, dogs come over to Annie and tell her secrets.  I try to socialize with everyone, but no one tells me secrets. I asked Annie why that is. Annie barked that it was very obvious. "We go to dogbeach where everyone with three or four legs is a dog. You Rosy, are a Princess so they do not feel like they can tell you common secrets." It is so nice to know that the dogs recognize and respect my Royal status.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Annie's wise to know her friends recognize they're commoners & you're Royalty. That's quite an honor, Rosy. Annie enjoys visiting & hearing their secrets, when she sees them. Annie's such a trusted & good friend. She never divulges anything they tell her. xo

  2. Annie Babe,
    Come closer I want to whisper something to you....i've been reading your blog to mom and I'm sorry you don't feel well. Mom is sad but I told her not to be because you have the best life, and the best family anyone could ever ask for. I think you are hubba, hubba and Rosy to. Keep swimming and I'll keep sending my #pawcircle of healing prayers every night to you...

    Your Handsome man dog from Chicago, Big woofs of love....Bosco Boy

  3. It's so cool that the dogs at the beach understand their place in your world, Rosy! It's nice you let them speak to Annie. She seems to be really popular as a confidante of all the dogs on the beach! All those dogs seem to be similar in color to Annie. Who do the black and brown dogs speak to?


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