Another Annie visit

Dear world,
We went to visit Annie this afternoon. We were so happy to see her and she was excited to see us. She looked better and told me she felt a little better. I told her that I heard she wasn't eating, so I brought some stuff that I thought she would like. Score! It worked! She ate a little snack smorgasbord of our fave treats. She thanked us for coming to visit, but wanted to go back upstairs for more napping. I will continue with my paw prayers for my sweet Annie to come home soon.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. so nice to know that she eat with you. she might not be eating because is not home. Annie, get well soon so you can have that great 'welcome home' reception.

  2. I'm glad Annie is eating. She definitely looks like she's feeling better. Paws crossed she gets to come home soon.

  3. Rosy, Annie looked happy to see you. Even tho she didn't eat a lot of the special treats you brought to her, she enjoyed them I'm sure Surgery & meds have a way of taking away an appetite I think, & if you don't eat you get weak. We'll say prayers that Annie will eat & get strong again. She needs to be home with her family. xo

  4. Rosy, Annie looked thrilled to see you and happy to have her snacks she likes. I sure hope she's ok. Maybe soon she will be able to come home with all of you. I'm sure she misses her family and her home. Pawhugs to all of you and paw prayers for Annie..

  5. Rosy, how wonderful to see Annie looking better and eating some treats! It must have been a great comfort for her to be with you and your parents. She knows she is loved by your family and I hope you tell her she is loved by all of us who visit your blog. We are putting our paws together to pray she gets well real fast and comes home soon!

  6. Glad to hear she is feeling a little better. Our paw prayers continue. Hugs.

  7. Annie really did look happy to see you. And you scored her snacks. We hope they made her feel better. Praying she can come home soon. Love you all.
    Meow_Girls & Human Kathy


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