Off to Emerald City

Dear world,
I just watched the Wizard of Oz and was so inspired ! So I have decided to take a trip to the Emerald City, I am not going to wait for a tornado to blow through.  Annie doesn't want to come with me because she says there is no place like home. I told her I have to see that for myself.  See you when I get back!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. good luck on your travels. have fun! :)

  2. Rosy, you look so much like Dorothy in your adorable outfit, that people may confuse you with her. You'll get in to the Emerald City, no doubt. It'll be a beautiful trip. xo

  3. Unlike Graceland and those other places, dogs are allowed in the Emerald City! We love your ruby slippers. OurGirl saw the real ones at the Smithsonian. They're very sparkly, so they're perfect for you. Bon voyage...and look out for those monkeys! <3

  4. Rosy Emerald City makes the purrfect backdrop for you! I love your outfit. Annie will be missing out. RainbowCats is right, ruby red slippers are purrfect for you!

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  6. Rosy, I think you will need me to go with you, some places your should not travel alone, Dorothy had her posse with her while travelling down the Yellow Brick Road. I will get my doggie bag, bandana and stick and we will travel together. I swore to Fuzz and Bear to always watch over you. We are off to see the Wizard......

    1. Oh good! We're so happy and thankful that Princess Rosy has an escort and protector. We've been kinda worried, so this is great news! Have fun with your sweet little friend. <3

  7. Rosy are you ever coming back from Emerald City? I miss you!


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