Cinco de Mayo

Since we live in San Diego which is so close to Mexico, we think it appropriate that we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. But since we can't go out drinking since we are too young  I decided we should at least dress in  Mexican party style. Don't you just love our Margarita glasses?
Happy Cinco De Mayo ! 


  1. You guys look fab! What great glasses and maracas! I bet you can wiggle to latin music as well! Happy Cinco De Mayo! (And May the 4th be with you for today!)

  2. nobody has ever look as charming as you two for the Cinco de Mayo party.

  3. Happy cinco de Mayo mates!!!!!


  4. Ah, Old town - a corona and some nachos - or up to Charlie's where they serve margaritas by the pitcher! Instead, I am having chips with blah salsa and a Heinecken in yellow-pine-dust covered Arkansas! Oh,well. I was the one who had that grand idea!
    Honestly, Rosy, the postures and costumes you and Annie come up with, one would think you lived in Hollywood.

  5. Such festive, colorful outfits! The minute I saw your Cinco de Mayo outfits I remembered the Mexican Hat Dance we did when I was in fifth grade. It was my favorite folk dance. You might have a problem participating in that dance tho because you would have to clap your paws behind your partner's neck.

  6. Hmmm. Ladies! It looks like you may have snuck a few drinkies when no one was looking! Happy faces!! We love you!!!


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