Stop and Listen

Dear world,
When I am walking in a park, I like to stop and smell the flowers. So when I am at the beach I also like to take the time and let all my senses enjoy the surroundings. So I stop and listen to the ocean. You should try it!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Hi Rosy,

    It's amazing what you can hear from the ocean, isn't it?

    You're delightful, as always.

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier Princess

  2. being at the beach is like being in a car, except that at the beach you don't move... is the wind that moves :)

  3. My mama says she loves the sound of the ocean, and also the smell. She says it's very calming. I, of course, would be terrified of the water, so I will probably never visit the ocean! Your ear is doing the purrfect thing for listening! :) pawhugs to you guys!

  4. Rosy babe...you look so hubba, hubba standing there with the wind blowing in your hair....Are you sure you weren't a girl dog model in your previous existence? You could be on the cover of Dog
    Fancy or Modern Dog for sure !!
    Maybe I could be your dog agent and you could pay me in dog treats and tennis balls? Or maybe a date with Annie one day?
    Just a suggestion....your pal Bosco.

  5. Rosy - you are so cute. It's a good thing you listen so well cuz you never know when you have to suddenly spring into action and save your human!

  6. Rosy, I can tell you're on alert & getting an earful. Very wise as you never know what excitement may arise at the beach. June (noahzbark)

  7. That is so wise Rosy!! When I was pregnant, I was sick all of the time. When I went to the beach and took a walk along the ocean, I felt great. There is something very special about the beach/ocean. xoxo


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